Like other technologies, large enterprises take time to digest new technology and deliver on its promise.  In contrast to the Internet, the Web, and even things like email, and search, bots represent a radically different way of thinking about the future. 

The field itself is moving forward at a very, very fast pace and even people in the field are having a hard time keeping up with the rate of change.  If one just looks at some basic questions you can begin to see the size of the problem.  Here are a few to ask:

  • What obvious devices should I support.  Amazon has many of them under the Alexa Brand, Google is right behind them with Assistant, and Microsoft and others are in hot pursuit with their own hardware and platforms. 
  • Today people spend about 90% of their mobile time messaging.  Facebook Messenger dominates here in the US, but WeChat in Asia, the native iPhone messaging app and Android messenger are even bigger markets.  How do I provide all of those channels in a coherent, manageable, and secure way
  • My enterprise apps are going to require a lot more smarts than a bot that gives the weather.  What should AI look like?  Should I use Amazons tools, Googles, Microsoft’s, or any number of specialty AI vendors?
  • Some of these platforms have voice, other voice and a touch screen for presentation, and still others are message apps, but having their own extensions for providing rich content within a message. 
  • How in the world am I going to make all of this stuff work together and tie in with my legacy data to boot?